Tuesday , May 11 2021
tcs woocommerce plugin

TCS WooCommerce Shipment Booking Plugin 2021

TCS plugin is developed to help the ecommerce platform in Pakistan. So they can reduce effort of adding new shipments into TCS and focus into the areas which can really give them benifit in term of revenue. WooCommerce TCS Plugin is using third party soap api which is exposed by TCS to the developers so they can easily integrate their systems with TCS make workflow more handy.

TCS E-retail company provides courier services to Shopify store owners who are using TCS as their logistics provider. Shipping goods to customer’s door is universally known to be a hassle. TCS makes this process effortless for Shopify store owners, with its Shopify App [E-Connect by TCS] for Shopify store owners. The Shopify App makes the process time-efficient, reliable and effortless for Shopify store owners, who can now facilitate the delivery process online, through an automated system integrated with TCS E-retail portal.


  • Version 1.0 (First Release February 2021)
  • 1 Click Shipment Booking on Portal.
  • Send shipping details of online COD orders to TCS E-retail portal.
  • Receive Tracking number against each booking.
  • Very easy to setup and use.
  • Compatible to Woocommerce 4.

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