Tuesday , May 11 2021
clean up and optimize windows 10

Easy Way to Clean Up and Optimize Window 10

Hello! This tutorial is about the optimization of windows 10. I will discuss an easy way to clean up your c drive and optimize windows 10 for better and faster performance. If you forget to clean your computer, though, before long you’ll encounter low disk space warnings and notice it slowing down. We’ll walk you through how to clean Windows 10 using a variety of tools for different situations.

Over time, every Windows installation builds up junk files that takes up space and wastes resources. We all forget to perform regular maintenance, so often the problem comes from old files and programs. Below are some easy methods, you can follow to optimize windows 10.

Erase/Remove Temporary Junk Files

The OS includes a pair of similar tools for clearing out old temporary files from your disk, meaning you don’t need a dedicated Windows cleaner app. They’re a great first stop on your Windows 10 cleanup journey.

windows 10 cleanup

  1. Write click on Drive C and then click properties.
  2. From the General Tab click on Disk Cleanup.
  3. A new popup window will appear from where you should click on Cleanup system files.
  4. Select big size files and click OK button and then Delete.
  5. System cleaner will remove all old and unnecessary files to save space.
  6. Restart your computer.

You can also optimize and clean up your windows 10 by removing unnecessary windows 10 blotwares. Also uninstall unnecessary big program.

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